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Alive^3, "alive cubed" is a non-profit set up to inspire, enrich, and fund life. When Mind, Body, and Soul are in balance, life is elevated. Our mission is to help people balance their lives and live them to the fullest. In other words, "Own Your Today." Through action, daily inspiration, tools, tips and a simple philosphy on life, we are helping people connect with their true purpose and living life as it is intended to be. AWESOME 

We empower all things life. Encouraging all to break the cadence of everyday, to live in its full potential. Being the moment, exploring self, the people, and the world around you. Rediscovering purpose and the authenticity of YOU.

We host adventures. We inspire. We live. We help.

  • Adventure - we host adventures to explore the beauty around us and within us
  • Life - he host races that inspire possibility and movement. Bear Crawl Cub Crawl and Everesting
  • Heroes - showing veterans love and funding bucket list experiences for heroes who need a little help to realize a dream #love22 #bucketsoflife
  • Hope - Hugs, singing and hand delivering gifts to kids in need during Christmas #projectangel
  • Inspire - reaching over 35k weekly on Instagram and Facebook we develop and share inspiration derived from real action
  • Action - we live it, and we share it. Inspiration and motival speaking engagements  (coming soon)

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